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Wholesale Airless Bottles, We are Plastic Airless Lotion Bottles, Airless Cream Jar Manufacturer & Supplier From China. OEM Plastic Airless Bottles Are Welcome! Please Contact us to Get Free Samples Now!

Airless bottle and pump both are very efficient to contain your beauty products. While airless bottles are used to contain your cosmetic products like cream, lotions, etc but in case you have to open the entire lid of the bottle, the air is getting exposed at the time. Therefore, the Airless Bottle is very important to keep the air to minimal level. 

The bottle pump is developed based on airless bottle which protects cosmetic product inside. Though you can choose in between the wider pump and the lesser wide pumps depending on the thickness of the product you will be containing. Also, these offer a better presentation and it also has a superior actuator. 

Made of plastic PP material, the airless bottle and pump is in a simple structure at a moderate price to form a high performance luxurious packaging system. The airless pump can be used for any cream based products, it could keep away the product from further contact of direct air and ensure the longevity. It’s much more environmental and it is widely used in luxury skin care cosmetic products.

Suitable for avoiding oxidation, the Airless Bottle upgrades products with the high-tech concept. Airless bottle is one kind of container which keeps the inner side away from out air and germs and the bottle pump helps in exposing to lesser air while using the product as well. We provide you the opening mould of the pump according to your design or sample.

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