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Dispenser pump are widely used in liquid sprayer packaging, cosmetic packaging and personnal care packaging, such as liquid soap, shampoo and hair condition, body lotion, body washing and shower gel and on. With different neck size, dosage and styles, easy to use, economic and durable. 

Simply a gentle press of pump in any liquid or lotion filled bottle results in a few drops of lotion on your hand that you use either to rub on your skin, on face or wash your hands. Different types of lotions and liquids are filled in bottles that come with a Dispenser Pump  to press to get the gel or liquid poured outside. Without using these pumps, chances are higher to wastage of the liquid because of pouring it by lean it a little bit. These pumps are fixed on the mouth of bottle and filled with the certain quantity of liquid or lotion and packed to delivered end-users. 

Wholesale food-grade Lotion Dispenser And Liquid Soap Pump, Shampoo pump , We are professional Food-grade Lotion Dispenser and Dispenser Pump Manufacturer From China. Inquiry Are Welcome.

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