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Does Your Cosmetic Cleansing Liquid Meet Requirements Of Foam Pumps?

Foam soap pump is very popular now. And more and more people prefer to use foam soap pump than traditional dispenser pump. But does your cosmetic cleansing liquid meet the requrements of the foam pump?

Foam soap pump is a kind of bottle that can make bubble directly without using hand rubbing, which is its biggest advantage. And usually foam soap pump is used for facial cleanser, hair mousse, hand washing liquid and so on. As cosmetic products with foam soap pump are hot, many people want to use this pump for their for their product. But not all skincare and cosmetic products are suitable to the soap dispenser pump. 

There are several rquirements of the bubble pump:

First, the cosmetic liquid should be like water, cannot be thick.

Second, the liquid should be not any impurities.

Third, there should be foaming agent in the liquid.

If your products can not meet any of these requirements, the soap pump doesn't work. Therefore, before using this foam dispenser pump, pls make clear if your cosmetic liquid meets the requirements.

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